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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”r46JvSPtWVg” title=”Food Farm – Dave & Kari Rich – San Diego Food Truck” upload_time=”2011-06-15T19:28:08.000Z” description=”‘Local. Organic. Sustainable’ are not just keywords, but an attainable ideal that the husband and wife team of Food Farm strive for when creating their dishes.” duration=”PT5M21S”]

4 thoughts on “Food Farm – Dave & Kari Rich – San Diego Food Truck

  1. Rudy Flores says:

    Just met you guys today @ the northpark farmers market, BEST FRICKIN TRUCK THERE! THE SLIDERS ARE THE BEST AND YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!

  2. Rudy Flores says:

    Dave held my sack o crabs at the North Park Farmer’s Market! LMFAO!!!

  3. Bryan Kale says:

    Grow on!

  4. San Diego Sustainable Agriculture says:

    Nice! this makes me so hungry, do you ever head to north county?

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