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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”enp3bY99qsw” title=”San Diego Travel Guide: Top Things To See, Do & Eat” upload_time=”2017-01-13T01:50:27.000Z” description=”We’re exploring all the things to see and eat in San Diego during one delicious weekend! Open this section to learn more ↓ Read more about the trip: Read” duration=”PT6M44S”]

22 thoughts on “San Diego Travel Guide: Top Things To See, Do & Eat

  1. YaALLAHYaMohhamaD YaALi says:

    i saw the video…see my youtube channel and tell me what you think is best video ? https://www.youtube.com/user/AbdullAvx1

  2. FilbieTron says:

    classy mofo eating a donut with utensils…psh!!

  3. theonlyLorettayouknow says:

    Your personality reminds me so much of Tyler Oakley!!!

  4. samuraiguitarist says:

    That face when you hear Heart Of Gold at 3:44

  5. Wideolink says:

    Great ! Thanks !

  6. # dode_travel says:

    hey, great video. which camera gear do you use?

  7. Chris P says:

    Don’t say slider around two gay guys.

  8. Radioactive Turtle says:

    Going there for a fam reunion in June. Such a beautiful city, hate where I currently live.

  9. steve robertson says:

    Why so gay

  10. gunnarolla says:

    Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe – we’ve got more travel content on the way! http://gunnarol.la/subscribe

  11. elementwind91 says:

    Hopefully going there in late June! Can’t WAIT to visit the beaches! La Jolla especially looks BEAUTIFUL from the videos I’ve seen!

  12. Roberto Moreno says:

    Heeeyyy…. you forgot about me. You were going to visit me next time you were in California. Tecate, home of the Tecate Beer and tourist town is only 45 min. south east of Downtown San Diego. When are you coming back? You just need to get to San Diego and we’ll hook up the rest. Saludos

  13. chickenwityamz says:

    Thinking bout vacation in San diego or LA. San Diego is blowing LA out of the water so far..

  14. bpm124 says:

    Great video! I’ve lived in SD and have never taken the seal tour. I’m so down now.

  15. Spiritual Traveler says:

    Awesome video! You’re amazing wish we would be able to collaborate

  16. ANIMAUL says:

    His shirt just screams “Canada”. Anybody that’s had it, knows.

  17. Jim Lahey says:

    Eats donut’s with fork/knife… Realy

  18. Aidan Au says:

    I want to see Phoenix, AZ in your eyes. Come to us!

  19. Jigglypuff Productions says:

    I GO TO SAN DIEGO EVERY YEAR!! GUYS TRY COrolado island!! And I’m from Canada so I relate

  20. Katy Sissine says:

    Ocean Beach, Balboa Park, Sunset Cliffs & PB!

  21. Matka Polka na końcu świata says:

    This city deserve for full time ten episodes of adventures around. Beautiful place, must have see at least once in life.

  22. Melanie Wohlgenannt says:

    I’m going to San Diego this fall for 6 months and I can’t wait to explore Little Italy 🙂

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