San Diego Mexican Restaurants

Whether it’s your first time going to San Diego or you are an expert of this stunning city, you have to try the Mexican food. Being so near Mexico, San Diego is overflowing with Mexican eating facilities. These usually aren’t the type of “Mexican” dining establishments you can locate improperly called throughout the United States. The Mexican restaurants in San Diego are authentic. Currently you could be claiming that a burrito is not Mexican, and you are right; nevertheless, the burritos in San Diego are made with genuine Mexican flavors, active ingredients and dishes. Old Town is an exceptional area to choose a variety of genuine Mexican eating establishments from low-cost to terrific eating experiences.

La Puerta
La Puerta 4.0 star rating 3315 reviews
Lola 55
Lola 55 4.5 star rating 180 reviews
La Vecindad
La Vecindad 4.5 star rating 768 reviews