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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”eEuMWN2sTdM” title=”Hello San Diego!” upload_time=”2015-05-22T22:31:27.000Z” description=”Explore San Diego: This video is our love letter to San Diego. We started here in San Diego 101 years ago, and we thought this video would be a great tribute” duration=”PT4M31S”]

13 thoughts on “Hello San Diego!

  1. Alex Ward says:


  2. Riyad KM says:


  3. Brittany McEwan says:

    Best video of San Diego!! I love #willisallenrealestate

  4. alanbmw745 says:

    This is probably the best promo for San Diego that could ever be made. I know every single film location in this vid, having walked, biked, hiked, swum, sailed, surfed every square inch of San Diego. I would not want to live anywhere else living here is Paradise for me.

  5. Muffissness says:

    Incredible video of my hometown!

  6. Nick Zamonis says:

    Incredibly well done!

  7. impassable says:

    well done

  8. Connor Giorgio says:

    amazing, cannot wait to go back

  9. Bar World says:

    Great video! Perfect depiction of America’s Finest City.

  10. nicolas rosado says:

    visiting for 2 days next month for the first time … awesome video … I’m hyped

  11. sharelle countz says:

    I love San diego bout to go stay there and make that my permanent home I will never get tired of staying there its always fun never bored there I’m gonna celebrate my 34 birthday to August6 I can’t wait omg

  12. MountainD18 says:

    I was in San Diego last month on vacation. I stayed at a Motel 6 near the Newport Ave. Beach. I absolutely loved the environment out there, and can’t wait to move out to San Diego after I graduate from Rose State College next year.

  13. George Suarez says:

    I love this video, San Diego is where I was born. No matter how much I’ve traveled I will always come home to San Diego

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